CrossFit Open

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Holiday Hours

New Years Eve: 9:00 a.m & 3:00 p. m
New Years Day: Open Gym 11-2 p.m.


Re-Doing Open Wod 12.3


Crushin it for Christina Flyer

180 Double Unders
90 KB Snatches
45 Pistols


Running, Snatches, and a Few Burpees



Run 1 Mile

100 Burpees

10 Bodyweight Snatches

Memorial Day WOD & Gym Hours

Attention CFRI members! We will only be having one WOD on Monday, May 26th. Come join us at 10:00 to honor Lieutenant Michael Patrick Murphy, who lost his life in June of 2005, during a mission to capture a Taliban leader hiding in the hills of Afghanistan. Lieutenant Murphy called this workout “Body of Armor” and did it while wearing a 25 pound flak jacket. After his death, CrossFit renamed it “Murph” and added it to their collection of Hero Workouts.  Hope to see you there!170px-Michael_P._Murphy


We are excited to announce Free-Fit Saturdays for the next (4) Saturday mornings (2/8, 2/15, 2/22, & 3/1) at 9:30am!

For those of you who know someone you feel CFRI would benefit, but haven’t been able to talk them into coming in, this class is for you both. It’ll be our typical WOD class, but set up to better accommodate beginners. Everything we do is scalable, so we’ll be able to handle any level of fitness or ability. You will also be participating in these classes with your friends/family. Don’t you worry fire-breathers, you will still get your dose in these sessions too! Your friends/family can come to all four classes if they wish…no charge. For more information, ask any coach, or contact Lisa or Chris.

Please see the attached flyer for more info!

 In Good Health,